Anastasia Nasuhara  (那須原 アナスタシアSaint Liliana High School two year student and the vice-president of the student council, the daughter of the owner of Nasuhara industry, a world-wide company. Anastasia has Russian and American parents and has blonde twin pony tails. She has a cold personality and often asks strange questions, such as asking Akito if he is a cherry boy on their first met. She is the rival of Akiko and is proud of that she wins a small bit on almost everything, including height, grades, breast size, rank during miss Saint Liliana High School election, and student counsel rank. However she is extremely weak at house chores due to her wealthy family, to the point that she will gladly admit it and escape her chores. She also loves cute things, and not only keeps lots of plush dolls in her room, but also loves to play with Arisa. Despite being a rival of Akiko, she goes very well with Akito and confessed to him on his first day to school. Although Akito haven't got a chance to answer due to the chaotic situation that the confession brings on afterwards. She demands Akito to call her Anna, but laugh at him for calling a girl as "hole" (which sounds similar to Anna in Japanese) whenever he does so.

Anastasia Nasuhara
Sex; Female
Occupation; High School Student
Age; 16-17
Status; Alive
First Appearance; Episode 1
Japanese Voice; Chihara Minori