Akin Himenokōji is the main protagonist of the series Oniichan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! Akiko Himenokōji is his twin sister and they start to live together after being separated 6 years.

Biography Edit


He looks normal and for some view of the characters he is quite handsome.


Akito is generally lazy and hopes to live a normal life, but he will also work with his full strength to achieve his goal. He is rather somehow a teaser, He loves to trick Akiko, or watching others trick her. He may not look like it but he is somehow overprotective to his sister. He is also a very sweet and kind person Who Will do anything for his sister and everyone else

Summary Edit

Akito has recently transferred into Saint Liliana High School class 2-A.  After secretly arranging for years he finally reunited with her and moved out to live by themselves, but only to found that her brother complex since their youth has further developed.

Since the siblings are now living by themselves, he secretly makes their living by writing porn novels of brother-sister incest under pen name "Kōichirō Shindo", and becoming a famous writer. He is given the job as student counsel's "vice-assistant of proxy of secretary", that Arashi happily claims that's a fabricated position for her underground lover; technically, his is the assistant of the secretary, Akiko.

History Edit

He started to take care of his sister when he was young, however when their parents died, the siblings got separated when adopted by two different families.

Trivia Edit

  • It is later revealed that he is actually adopted by his parents, and has no blood relationship with his sister, but he choose to keep this as a secret.


Akito Himenokōji
Sex; Male
Occupation; High School Student
Age; 16-17
Status; Alive
First Appearance; All Episode
Japanese Voice; Ryōta Ōsaka